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Osberton Gate Jumping

Have you got what it takes?

After the fabulous success of the nail-biting 2016 competitions, Osberton International Horse Trials is once again hosting its fabulous Gate Jumping!

The aim of the competition is to jump the gate without knocking it down. If it falls you may buy yourself a life (up to 3 at the discretion of the commentator) by removing one item of clothing. Crash hats may not be removed. The winner will be the person to jump the highest gate with the most clothes on!!

WHEN  Sunday 30th September

ENTRIES SECRETARY – BEDE Events, Cottage 5, Manor Lane, Shelford, Notts NG12 1ES

ENTRIES CLOSE – 26th September (earlier if full)

Entries – CLICK HERE



  • Horses competing must not have over 400 British Showjumping points (limits horses to not have competed over newcomers (1.10))
  • Horses that have won more than 3 BEDE Events gate jumping competition will not be eligible (riders may compete on a different horse)