Pony Club Showjumping

It’s fun, it’s fast and it’s furious! These pony clubbers are out for the win with this highly competitive day of show jumping.

Osberton Gate Jumping

After the fabulous success of the nail-biting 2016 competition, we are once again hosting our fabulous Gate Jumping class. The aim of the competition is to jump the gate without knocking it down. If it falls you may buy yourself a life (up to 3 at the discretion of the commentator) by removing one item of clothing. Crash hats may not be removed. The winner will be the person to jump the highest gate with the most clothes on!

Directors Challenge

Once again grooms and the public are invited to take part in a secret equine related challenge. Two years ago we put people to the test of plaiting blind folded, 2017 it was who could put a double bridle back together in the quickest time and last year they tested their nerve against the buzz wire. What will be in store for this year…..?

Shire Horse Display

Watch these majestic heavy horses in all their glory. As well as them being part of the Shire Horse Show throughout the weekend you will also be able to catch a good look at them parading around the arena on Sunday.

Picnic Parking

Why not treat yourself and your friends to a ringside seat at the new water complex? Crack out the picnic rug, make a sumptuous picnic and relax by the water jump where you can watch top class horses and riders tackle the jumps through the water. Tickets cost £80.00 – this allows entry for up to 5 people and the car

Picnic Parking Tickets

Dog Agility by Agility Antics

Once again Agility Antics are back to run their dog agility final at Osberton. If you want to see agility at the top of its game, then this is the place to come.

Grove & Rufford Hounds

What could be more quintessentially English then the sight of red coats, horses and the sound of hounds barking. This is a rare opportunity to see and meet the Grove & Rufford hounds when they come and parade on the Sunday.